September 29, 2008

the MC/mc/EmCEE.

can i start out by throwing a big "i'm sorry/fuck off" to each and every one of you million + people that watch and wait with bated breath for me to chronicle my life..? i've been really busy lately. a whole new season of 'cheaters' has been on, i've had some old/new friends move back into town, and i've been trying to get into grad school, so whatevs. ice it and/or 'just let it wash.' this all being said, i've come across something i think is only particular to the raleigh-durham area . . . at least, i haven't encountered it previously. you're probs wondering what in the hell i'm talking about.. or you have attempted to come up with a laundry list of items exclusive to RDU; croakies, boat shoes, itb bumper stickers, popped collars, an unbelievable amount of immaturity well into adulthood, ahs c/o 2002 shirts, people not going out on thursdays because everyone is so fucking lame-- the list goes on. while i'm sure your list has many redeeming truths . . . the phenomenon i'm referring to is what i have already phrased and shortened to MC or MB.

the manchild is shockingly common in these parts. having never experienced a manchild before, even in austin, which, we all know (especially officer young and myself) that the capital city of texas is literally the black hole of immaturity. alas, again, you would be sorely mistaken.

raleigh has a special way of taking a perfectly good boy and turning him into a pretentious jackass, which, coincidentally happen to be two of my favorite characteristics, however seperately, their combination can be detrimental. the manboy ('manchild' to laymen) is prevalent in the old north state. but why? i have put literally 4 or 5 half-hours of thought into this. . . and after scrabulous and facebook, its probably the third most often activity i spend my copious amount of free time on.

when i was in college, i would jest that i was looking for a 'grown ass man' .. a GAM for short, naturally. the appeal of the GAM is simple: they have money to buy you drinks, and are old enough they can get you into clubs/bars without you having to pull out a fake ID. those days are long gone though, and i am finding myself seeking out the man boy, a peter pan of the raleigh scene, if you will, and, obvi, i have.

they are easy to spot. select any inner beltline hot spot (nelson's/foster's/macgregor ale house, kidding, SHUT IT.) the MC is usually (always) at the bar, the loudest, most obnoxious, yet disgustingly intriguing person in the room. they are also buying 15 shots for their new best friends. this is where the man child and i come together . . . we both are incredibly generous. i find time to give my attention to the manchild and they keep the 'beer flowing like wine' if you will (again, repeat).

i guess, in summing this shit up, i had no purpose for this, but to share some feelings and dr. phil/oprah the hell out of you darlings. holy shit, if i like young men-boys, does this make me a cougar? good thing i have nothing left to do today to ponder this. please advise.