November 7, 2008

happy new year! (applies only to me and america)

well, well, well. good morning my delightful ray of sunshine! i hope this post finds you as glorious as it does me. no, its not because of raven symone calling me and rousing me from sleep with a heartfelt ballad or because i've gotten rid of all the stupid bitches i have to deal with. so, you may be asking yourself "well, if its not raven and its not bitches, what's got you so full of giddy exuberance?" the answer is simple, y'all.

two words. five syllables. barack obama.

continue, but first, let me set the scene.

a few weeks ago, my friend and i stumbled (literally) into 101 lounge to watch the third and final debate. sure, we were the only democrats in that bitch, but (not surprisingly) a great time was had by all. the owner and his boyfriend smeagle (ne: bob shaw) loved us, and by the end of the night, not only had i managed to make myself look like an idiot in my first (third) television debut but 101 lounge had promised us a deejay, two blocks of ice (i am a trained ice sculptor), pvc pipes and colored drinks for election night. my friend and i thought little of this night as we went on with our high-powered jobs and endless charity work. however, as election night drew near . . . we planned to go to 101, just because we could talk shit about sarah palin. (i'm sorry i'm not sorry.)

you may also remember a few weeks ago, my post about a new dawn in america (for your information, i am going to try to use as many tacky cliches as possible, heads up)-- about the united states needing to restart and refresh itself, yes? you recall? excellent. i think its safe to say that most (intelligent) people could draw comparisons between america and a nameless (albeit beautiful) broad that woke up in durham without a phone or car last friday. whatevs.

the thing is, america was washed up, she'd used most of her trix, she had gotten one too many birthday shots . . . and that's fine. we all go through it (not me personally, but people i know) however, there comes a point where you have to wake up and at least try to make your life better, not only for yourself, but those around you who constantly have to hold your hair back and wonder where the fuck you go every night out at 2:00 am.

america has turned the tide and is finally ready to act like a respectable adult. thank god. with the election of barack obama, america said to her peeps: "yo! i'm not ready to go to AA yet, but i'm ready to give change a chance." and to that i say "you go girl!" i couldn't be happier. sure, it won't be easy, but, if anyone can do it, you can! i wish i could form a dance circle and get america in the middle and just scream out "go america, go america, its yo' birthday, etc." . . . but seeing how i can't, this will have to suffice. with america's new day, i, too, am going to attempt the maturity (and much like america's 43 previous attempts, this isn't my first rodeo, so to speak).

i'll keep you posted.