June 16, 2009

Let's see - quick check-in before the local news.

1. Is anyone as fucking jazzed as I am about Nick Cannon hosting "America's Got Talent" . . . ? Yeah - he's so going to bring a new aspect of wild'n out to that shit. Sharon Osbourne and that horrible looking Englishman better watch out - you know he's got jokes (mostly about your momma, wait, wrong MTV show? whatevs.) for dayz. Fingers crossed he coaxes wifey to perform for the season opener - fingers crossed y'all.

2. Second - today, people in Raleigh did some protest at rush hour for the peeps all up in Iran. Apparently, they are very worried about Iran's government controlling the media and about all the violence occurring in the area lately. Wait - hold up. Just protesting now? Haven't they been fighting and having their media controlled um since like forever? Just like I said earlier - people only care about shit when its posted on Twitter or Facebook or kind of relates to them. I bet I'm part Iranian (I have really tan skin) and you don't see me acting a fool, do you? You don't see me fucking up an already hellish rush hour with chants so loud you can't hear the new All American Rejects song, do you? No. Damn, protests all up in the newz today. People that have time to protest should probably spend more time doing blue collar work - obvi they aren't employed. I think they whole cast of "A Different World" needs to enlighten them on the idea of a sit-in. I know y'all watched that episode/show. Don't even play.

3. Speaking of one of the best African-American targeted sitcoms, ever . . . I feel like a child on Christmas. I heard on the radio this morning that Sinbad is coming to perform at a comedy club this weekend. What a way to start off birthday week. I loved that man on "A Different World" and "House Guest" . . . he totally pulled off being a dentist! Man! Such travesty when such talent gets overlooked for major motion picture awards. I wish I could regale you all with some silly Sinbad tale about that time I met him randomly getting his shoes shined in the airport (that was just Steadman Winfrey) but, to be honest, I am not as familiar with Sinbad as I'd like to be. Since Sinbad was (a) black and (b) had an earring I was never allowed to watch him as a child and had to sneak Whitley and the rest of her gang - yes, including Sinbad. Thanks, Dad.

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