June 19, 2009


I only have a second because I'm trying (going) to take a half day today - which means I'm leaving in like 5 minutes. Anyway, start of birthday week, more on that lates. Ive been bombarded with spectacularly lovely news and greetings, not to mention well wishes/presents. Just the way birthday week should be.

I didn't want to end my work week without answering the knock of opportunity at my door this very second. You are probs wondering WTF opportunity has to knock about today, since I've already discussed Iran (E-ron) and Clay Aiken this week. Here, let's head to the foyer and open the door to . . . silly American Indians and/or outlandishness! My favorite(s)!

This definitely deserves to be noted (by which I mean made fun of). I'm sure you all awoke to your www.cnn.com homepages and started off your day by reading the story about some Minnesota idiot's fine of nearly $2,000,000 for "illegally" downloading music. I won't say a word about the Midwest, but this shit shouldn't be surprising to people who have ever dealt with someone from Minnesota or either of the Dakotas.

Now, I'm not going to talk about any legal issues here - I'm way too burned out on work. You can keep your legal dictionary on the shelf for now - you're welcome. For a long time, I looked at the pained face of Jammie Thomas-Rasset (um, with a hyphenated last name, obvi she's not legit) and her attorney as I read she was definitely going to appeal the case (this is the second time she's been tried for the offense, which, by the way, that 2 million dollar fine is for 24 songs, keep that in mind). Whew!

The real kicker is the following sentence: "Thomas-Rasset downloaded work by artists such as No Doubt, Linkin Park, Gloria Estefan and Sheryl Crow."

What. The. Fuck. Seriously? Homegirl has got to feel like a dumb bitch after that became public record (thank you CNN). I know, y'all - all she wanted to do was have some fun and/or she's just a girl, in the world (I hope her attorneys included lyrics from those played out bands in her defense) . . . Um, you can get a Gloria Estefan cassette tape for less than $84,000 . . . like in the back of my damn trunk. And Sheryl Crow? No Doubt? Linkin Park? Embarrassment.

To top it off, the lady has 4 kids and works for an Indian tribe or is in one or something (typical). If I were those kids, I'd get the fuck out of there, there's already too many insurmountable factors stacking against them, not to mention the $2,000,000 debt Mama's about to bring home! No Christmas this year Pocahontas. Let's hope Jammie (Running Deer) fires up the wampum and stored hides for moccasins because its going to be a long winter on the reservation this year.

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  1. i'd gladly pay $2,000,000.00 in fines to illegally download ruben studdard songs!