October 6, 2009

Thank you, Tuesday.

I will promise you this: as long as Levi milks his 15 minutes of ... fame (?) and I continue to feel bad he had to bangout a Palin, I'll keep him around. And yes, I know he's a high school dropout, and he just had to quit his oil field job because he isn't licensed to be an apprentice or some shit (btw - Levi, holler, I'll take anyone as my apprentice, obvi), but you gotta give homeboy credit. First off, he's showing off his badass arm tatt and at least now can joke about the 18 year STD baby he's got with Bris. If anyone should get a pat on the back for taking a look at the man in the mirror, its Levi. At least he's wrapping it up now, thank god for small blessings.

1 comment:

  1. bristol (and sarah?) didnt seem to mind the small (your opinion) blessing. can i get durex/trojan on the phone please?