December 3, 2009

Maury Povich?

I have captioned this post as such because we've got a few things to settle up, and you're probably the big-eyed version of Connie Chung (I mean, if we're being honest, and you better be.) Anyway, I know I've been totes MIA lately (I know I've used that before.) and just giving you all little snippets here and there, and I feel bad, but not really. My list of things to talk to you about keeps growing longer and longer, work has piled up on my desk (where it conveniently slips into my trashcan) -- this is going to be a damn busy winter. Whatever. In the end, I guess, I'm going to tell you to sit tight and just wait for it (today). I mean, after all, its my blog, I do what I want.

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