January 11, 2010


Right? I hope that word works for the biggest surprise I've gotten this year. (I can still mockingly use that because 1. its my blog/body and I do what I want; and 2. 2010 is still a baby) anyway, my favorite silly bitch is going to be a real live news woman! Star Jones better watch the fuck out. Holler at me, SP, I can't wait for her hard hitting (that's what Levi said) stories.

But, wait, I thought Sarah hated the bastard media? Ahh, there she is again. Thanks, girl, you've abso made my Monday.


  1. you betcha i'm happy you're following my career as i put my journalism degree to use. for some reason, reputable news sources like cnn and msnbc wouldn't hire me.

  2. Hockey Mom, Wasilla, AlaskaJanuary 11, 2010 at 2:58 PM

    i figured, ya know, that if guys like glenn beck and rush limbaugh, and women like anne coulter can be a part of the blow-hard media, why cant i? do you think joe the plumber wants his voice heard on national television? you betcha!