August 13, 2011

Party! (Up In Here.)

I trust you all read my short "texting/blogging-while-driving" post the other night. You know, the one in regards to our old favorite pseudo-Hip Hop star: DMX. After a small bit of research - I confirmed that I was, of course, right, and it was his gravelly vocals gracing my airwaves after a quick appointment with my spray tanner. It was food for my soul. No really. I mean, DMX was riding ruff way before the clowns we have to put up with on Top 40 today. You all remember - back in high school - sophomore year - yes? Jamming to the beats of the summer like "Get At Me Dog" and "Party Up" . . . they both were two of my favorites - my Dad's too. Finally something we could do together.

Then homeboy dropped off. I mean, really dropped off. My Dad was crushed, and I just surmised he'd popped one too many wheelies on his crotch rocket with E-V-E. Apparently I was wrong! He's just spend the past decade-ish locked up off and on for a variety of offenses. You know, the usual, animal cruelty (but he released "The Year of the Dog . . . Again" - that one must be trumped); drug use; weapon possession; using foul language in the Caribbean. Followed of course by his studying of the Good Book. It's like a broken record. Typical fall from grace.Art imitates grace with his "Slippin" track, right?

Anyway, I'm pleased to be wrong about his surmised doom to let you all know homeboy's back and is going to indeed be dropping an album on all of is this year - aptly titled "Redemption of the Beast" or some shit like that. Yeah DMX. You go girl! Fingers crossed we can get a Romeo Must Die part II, if only we could figure out where the fuck Aaliyah's been.

Mark DMX off of your "Where the Fuck?" list. You're welcome.

(Just playing about Aaliyah, you know she's my girl, y'all).
And now, ease on through your Saturday with this slow jam . . . and Holler.

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