August 21, 2009

Total Breakthrough, part one.

Well, hello there. I trust that, given the fact that it is Friday morning, you are having a lovely day so far. I know I am, I just had 2 major breakthroughs. I know, its only 9:00 . . . but enough has happened this morning that I probably should call it a (work) day and start my weekend. Before I run that by my boss, come in for the real thing.

Its pretty common knowledge that I'm not the greatest driver. I mean, no big deal, we're all allowed a few faults, right? Yes. Its not that I'm female, or even Asian, its just that I have so much other stuff going on that sometimes driving/staying on the road/not being a jackass while merging can . . . (wait for it) . . . take a back seat to everything else on my "to-do" list. For example, I initially started this post while driving, in addition to cutting coupons (don't ask), having an ML, sipping on a diet coke, blackberry messaging and having an afternoon snack of almonds. The only reason I had to pause was because I happened across a Notorious B.I.G. old school tribute on my radio. Let's be honest, doing anything else but listening to Christopher Wallace when one has the chance is just obnoxious. Exactly, I see you nodding your head in agreement. Anyway, I totally forgot to finish and now here we are.

But a rather interesting thing happened this morning. I was on my way to work, switching lanes without signaling, writing a "must-do" list and organizing my MAC lip glasses by undertone when some idiot starts like tailing me. Rude! Like dude, its Friday. Totally not my fault you're late for the morning shift at Kohl's. So, obviously I look in my rear view mirror, lower my Gucci's and give him a look and then smile and continue with the tasks at hand. And still, he stays on my ass -- and not even figuratively. Gah. I can tell he's starting to get anxious. And for what! Its not like its hard to find a job these days. I start to wonder if there is anything I can do (besides focus on the road) to ease his nerves. So I turn my Friday mix up to the max volume on my factory-installed system and smile and drive on. Leading by example! Well, I'm sure you've guessed that my Friday mix consists of 5 songs, as follows: "Man in the Mirror" by MJ, duh; "A New Day Has Come" by Celine Dion; "Today was a Good Day" by Ice Cube; "Shower the People" by James Taylor; and "Juicy" by B.I.G. However, today just felt like a Michael kind of day, so M.I.T.M was obvi on repeat. I was totes feeling those words, as I do everyday when I play it on repeat. If you can name me one song better than that . . . well, I won't even waste my time finishing that sentence, because you can't.

So, as I'm turning up the collar on/my favorite winter coat & looking at the (wo)man in the mirror, homeboy pulls up next to me, and we're at a light! Fuck. I for sure thought tomorrow's paper was going to read "Adorable woman killed while making the world a better place (by looking in the mirror to make the change.)" I mean, I'm in Durham, people don't fuck around up there, and since its casual Friday, I had neglected to strap on my bullet proof vest. But then, just as the choir backs up the King of Pop on the refrain, I glanced to my right and saw . . . a smile spread across this man's face. I initially thought he was smiling because he was going to knife my tires at lunch, but no. He tried to say something, but GMAFB, I don't roll my windows down anywhere, let alone in Research Triangle Park; so he simply gave a . . . thumbs up.

Say what? Yes, I promise. I single-handedly had made this man's morning. I can see him now, lovingly creasing khakis in the boys department of the Durham Kohl's as we speak. It just felt good. M.J. knew what he was doing, both in and out of Neverland, that's for sure.

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  1. I strongly approve of your Friday mix. I might have to bite your style.