October 25, 2009

Damn it.

Have you all missed me as much as I've missed you? I know you have, you don't have to act tough just because its me. I won't judge. Aha! Suckers.

Listen, I had a crazy fucking bosses day and have really been working hard on outfits to wear for the "This is It" premiere in 2 days. Oh yeah, obvi I've got tickets for the midnight showing, and a few more times later in the week. Let me tell you, iron-on transfers are not as easy as their instructions make them out to be. And to top it all off, I mentally had to prepare and make up a medical condition to get out of work this past week so I could mentally prepare for the Backstreet Boys concert that was ahhh-fucking-mazing and also last night in Charlotte. Yes, I know you're way jeal.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the week respite. And long story long, I'll be back in black tomorrow, for your pleasure, as per usual.

You're welcome.

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