July 21, 2011

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. (Sike.)

Aw! Hey you! How are you? This past week has been a shit show - although, I've been drawn out of hiding from the certain (financial) Armageddon quickly approaching because there is no "me" without "you." Those are loose quotes, obviously. Oh, and I also had to see the midnight premiere of Potter (with no cape, thank-you-very-much).

All of that, coupled with the fact I have a grad school  composition due and I schedule myself "sun time" for at least 4 hours a day, its been hard to get to a blogging platform - and Jesus H - trying to transform and set up this biznass on Wordpress may be the end of me. I know, none of that has anything to do with you, but I appreciate you letting me rant. So. Let's dig in.

For some time now, I've been working on two very special blog-post-drafts for you darlings. A real "Christmas In July" special (and no, those quotes were not loose) - and come to find out, my new laptop didn't save that shit! Yes, for real! I feel like I'm working on Windows Vista! (Did that geek-shout-joke work? I have no fucking idea, I just remember everyone bitching about Vista - most of which I immediately ignored.) So you'll have to hold your breaf on those two, but one involves hip-hop, bigotry and my roommate/mother - three things that are close to my heart. As soon as I get this damn paper finished - its just you & me, darling.

I have to take a second to address this whole financial "Armageddon" business and the raising of the debt ceiling. I know we've talked about the American public, and we have our complaints. I know, I know. The panic over this arbitrary August 2nd deadline is getting silly - I feel like its Y2K again! Outlandish. I'm not going to get into arguing for my homeboy Go-Bama, but I will take a moment to wish him a happy birthday week. (Happy Birthday Week! I'll be waiting at the local Chili's with a Presidente Margarita just for you in-hand.)

Anyway - I hate all this Armageddon referencing - namely because it brings to mind my last experience with Armageddon and pre-pussy (yes, I do hate that word, but its valid here) Bruce Willis. Don't get me wrong - I love a good end-of-the-world flick as much as the next middle schooler and I remember seeing it with my friends and crying horribly while shrieking (SPOILER ALERT) . . . "HE SACRIFICED HIMSELF TO SAVE BEN AFFLECK AND THE REST OF THE WORLD!" And yes, the Caps are necessary because I was screaming it on the way home in my parents' minivan. Oh the tears were epic. Just as I declared with my first viewing of "Titanic" I'm pretty sure I vowed to write a letter of thanks for film itself to the director.

Unsurprisingly, I never did. Perhaps the worst thing that came from that movie was the goddamn theme song. At least Titanic had the powerhouse known as Celine Dion. The coincedence of Steven Tyler's song performance in a film his bastard daughter spent mostly on her back is no coincedence at all. So damn whiny! The world is ending - the last thing we need is to go deaf right before the rapture.

I mean, yeah, maybe that was my online boyfriend's and my's song. So sue me. I was in middle school, had full bangs and it was an off year for the Backstreet Boys.

Anyway. If this "Armageddon" is anything like that one, count me the fuck out. I don't know if I'll survive (get it!)  - I'm going to have to save my tears for my third viewing of the last Potter, trust & believe.

No, I love you more.

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