August 4, 2011

Talk about Scary Spice.

So, I'm sure you've heard about this whole Moon business! The Earth had two moons? That somehow orbited to each other and merged to form one huge crater-ish Super Moon? Talk about breaking news! This has blown my mind. Especially because I've been the recipient of numerous moon craters named in my honor. (or was it stars? or constellations? Fuck it - its a shitty gift either way.)

While I'm digging out those certificates of authenticity (I believe they are in the same storage location as my stamp collection, naturally . . . ) I want you all to do some digging and get the scoop on this whole Moon story, since I don't care enough to do so.

And, please, allow the following song to serve as your soundtrack to this story.

(Who says really, really good pop music can't be adapted to any situation? Certainly not this girl.)

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