July 26, 2011


When you read the title of this post - can you say it just like you'd say the word "history" . . please? Thank you. Its the little things that keep our relationship alive, darling, the little things.

Anyway. I have all kinds of hilarity lined up for you darlings, but today has been an uphill battle, trust. Well, fine, not really - allow me to explain. Work has been such a bitch lately, and I'm not just talking about my boss. I mean all these deadlines and things to do by "close of business" . . . it seems as if it never ends! Furthermore, if I were to throw out some overplayed (but still relevant) rap lyric about "always hustlin'" and/or "rise(ing) & grinding," it could be stated that, in actuality, my biznass never closes (if I were C. Handler, or a fan of low-brow humor, which I'm not, I would totes throw in some "just like yo' legs" quip in there, but I'll save you, for now) - which in turn allows me to never finish a goddamn thing. Talk about job security. Anyway - I was really counting on a day of full sun, you know, a day of really potent, far-reaching ultraviolet rays - so sue me! Mama has to stay bronze. IDFK whether it was Mother Nature's fault or what, but I got . . . maybe two hours of those gloriously goldening rayz. F that.

So, needless to say I'm just in the foulest of moods. Okay, not really, but I do like using that phrase. Whenever I'm in this state of mind I like to look back and reflect . . . which is easiest to do after a quick glance of all of the exciting and world-changing events that happened on this very day in history. Or, as I like to call it, ourstory. (I do like to bring it full circle, as you well know). Before you get idealistic on me, I am certainly not looking over my shoulder (figuratively speaking, of course) to try to do something world-changing of my own or anything - not without at least three hours of sunlight and/and vitamin D, obviously.

In an effort to stay in contact with you, little one, let's all acknowledge the #1 hit on this day back in 1975, that's right - "The Hustle" - let it rock you into your Tuesday night, like I know it has many times before.

P.S. I'm pretty sure I was conceived to this song - take it or leave it. (But don't forget to thank my roommate/mother).

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