July 24, 2011

RPG's < Gangsta Rap

What a weekend! Full of news! I haven't decided if I'm going to be insensitive enough to spend much time with Amy Deadhouse or the roller-skating rink incident in Texas. That last one might be a bit too close to home - God knows I've spent many an afternoon with a pair of roller-skates laced up making my way around to the sweet sound of Chingy. The jury's still out on both of those.

This bullshit in Norway, however, come on. Horribly sad. So very tragic. Of course not something to be taken lightly. Apparently, some batshit manifesto written by the perp was just released and while I didn't even honor it with a quick half-ass skimming, I did notice one bullet in CNN's summary that just left a bad taste in my mouth.

The suspect, evidently, in addition to being one crazy motherfucker (among other things) is (was?) a fan of RPG's. Yes, you got it. Role. Playing. Games. Of the fantastical variety, of course. Ew! I remember back in the old days when acts of violence were immediately blamed on cop-killers and devil-worshippers -- you know, Snoop Dogg and the ICP. First of all, Snoop should never be faulted and never should have been - and I hope Mr. Broadus will accept my sincerest of apologies for trying to start a letter campaign started in order to ban him from American airwaves. (William J. Clinton, Jr. must've somehow missed my letter(s).) Anyway, Marilyn Manson and ICP are certainly to blame, but only for allowing countless mismatching teenagers to stay in their "awkward phases" and continue to wear all that weird shit - like chain wallets. Yuck! Who allows that?

Pretty sure these super-lame RPG's, coupled with being actually insane, are to blame for the crazy shit going on in our world today. Wasn't there some legislation to ban that shit? I've seen enough crime television in my day to know these games are having a terrible effect on American society and all that. I do realize, of course, that their removal from video game store shelves would force their fans to crawl out of their mother's basements and try to interact with normal people, but y'all, I think its a sacrifice we are going to have to make. For America. And for the world.

(But, to be honest, they'll most likely end up turning to local LARP-ing groups that are popping up way too fucking frequently. We can get right of them another time, baby steps for now.)

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