April 15, 2009

brand new day, but way better than celine dion.

Okay y'all-- I wanted to share this new experience with everyone. Right now, Murphy Lee is blasting something about "Busting it Wide Open", I have a fresh diet coke, am knee navigating and . . . I'M DRIVING. Fucking 2009. What do you think Tommy Edison would say (via blog reply) to this shit? I can see bitches looking at me . . . probably trying to get the site address . . . As if. I think someone mouthed "hang up and drive" on Highway 55 right now . . . Poor sucker . . . I'm not on the phone! Aha! (and if I were a gambler, I'd bet they have a Motorola RAZR, too) . . . So Awkward. Good thing I live in America and can do whatevs the fuck I want. Plus my roommate (Mom) just did my taxes, so I'm doubly covered. Big ups to Andrew Jackson and the Constitution that made shit like this possible. Oh, and that new White House dog, you know if that bitch (what is the sex of the dog? male? typical) had real hands he would totally drive and blog, too.

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