June 12, 2009

Here's to hoping Nautica gets kewl again.

And a very good morning to you, darling! I'd like to start by reiterating what an off day yesterday turned out to be. It was still glorious just . . . off.

With that being said, the dawn brings us all a new day; and, luckily (for me) Celine Dion's song of the same name came on just as I was getting up.

Anyway, I couldn't wait to relay to you another bit of delight I heard on the way in. I'm sure you all know that I was gifted with a lovely name, thanks for my roommate (who is also my alarm clock). I love my name and with the exception of sixth grade, I always have. It has always been such a relief to be proud of what people call you (at least in formal situations). I hope that all of you share in this sense of pride with me.

On the "Friday Shout-Outs," one of the morning hosts totally "big-upped" a Durham senior graduating high school this weekend. The deejay started by sharing with her listeners all of the merits of this soon-to-be adult. At the end of an unbelievably boring story (I was just waiting for the "Friday Morning Mix Session" and crossing my fingers it would start with Biggie Smalls) the host ended the above-mentioned props with a phrase like "So you go on girl, make yo' way into the world! Let's hear it for LaNautica!"

Yes, you read that right. LaNautica. Mother of god. Really? I wouldn't dare name my kid after a brand that fucking sucks. I'm (not) sorry to say, it doesn't matter what socioeconomic class you're in . . . Nautica is so not cool anymore. The only place (I've heard) that you can even find that brand is at stores like TJ Maxx - which I initially surmised was one of her mother's favorites. I'm surely not hating, while I don't personally shop there, there's nothing wrong with trying to get "the maxx for the minimum" - we are in a recession. Although I still feel that way, I realized that when LaNautica first came into this beautiful world (18-ish years ago, I'm hoping) Nautica was so fashionable in places like Durham, North Carolina (maybe even still is, I don't travel into those parts). That obviously justifies LaNautica's given name, right? I'm sorry, I can't stop saying it - LaNautica . . . flows right off the tongue.

In summation, to reiterate my favorite deejay's sentiments: Congratz and warm wishes to my new friend, LaNautica. You go girl!


  1. my kid's name is LaFUBU

  2. MBlocks comin atchaJune 14, 2009 at 8:39 PM

    hai gyrl, y u haten on nautica?