June 15, 2009

"I may be crazy, but it keeps me from going insane." Oh, Waylon.

Hello you all! I hope you had a joyous weekend - I surely did. I feel so stressed at work and just bogged down with responsibility, I'm going to have to ease back slowly (that's what she said) - - to blogging, that is. So, in my daily e-mail updates, I found out three exciting facts and one that literally made me turn away in disgust. I will share the facts, and my opinion on each on this Monday afternoon. Which do you want first? The bad? Okay, excellent.

1. New Jersey was founded/invented/discovered/taken from the Indians (p.s. you're welcome Powhatan) today 279 years ago, or SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I think I can agree with the rest of the country, but I'm throwing out an extremely sarcastic "thanks" to the colonists. Yes, Judy Blume, The Boss & Jon Bon Jovi are all New Jerseyites, so we are all good for something, but come on. Before I move on, I know you've all realized there is a notable, incredibly influential person missing from that list - Lauryn Hill. In all fairness, I read in Teen People, circa 1998, that she hates white people, therefore my lack of her inclusion is obvi, right? (And, on a side note, Arkansas became the 25th state on June 15th, 1836; and to our founding fathers, I'd like to bestow my warmest of thanks for the land the brought us our 42nd President . . . done & done.)

2. Moving on. Today Stacie Carosi turns 39 - yikes! More importantly, let's all take a minute to pay homage to Waylon Jennings. Totes his birthday today. "Luckenbach, Texas" was one of the first songs I loved in Austin and the dance hall - great reason to treat (?) yourself to a Shiner, duh. Also, I met his son on my 21st birthday - memorable for both of us, I'm sure. Shooter was a true delight (I was told) - ah, yes.

Obvi, the "take-away" from this short, meaningful post is simple. Texas > New Jersey, duh.

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