June 11, 2009

"Moderation is the center wherein all philosophies, both human and divine, meet.”

Today has been somewhat trying. I don't think its because I just decided to take tomorrow off even though I've got far too many things to do (I deserve it, let's hope my boss concurs). I can't figure out WTF my deal is. Perhaps it was my rushed morning - no time for a full blowout! My alarm (who is also my roommate) neglected to wake me after my second "snooze" - rude. On top of the pseudo-blowout, I forgot all my Yurman. Even though my wrists are much lighter and typing is easier, it makes me feel uneasy. Plus, a person's true worth is gauged in dollar signs. What that means for me, and subsequently you, is that today I'm worth $6,000 less.

Perchance my anguish is due to the week's news. Shit, y'all. WTF is up? I propose a nationwide listening of "Where is the Love?" by the B.E.P. . . ? That song encouraged me to love everyone! IDK why it wouldn't work for everyone else.

Now, I may be the only one that's noticed, but the "far right" is going fucking bananas! IMHO, those that consider themselves "far" right or left are all a little batty. Razing the Holocaust Museum? That's horrifying. When I visited the museum, I actually felt like I was "Number(ing) the Stars" (so to speak). Distressing, obvi the point. But then, the murder (in church - Jesus frowns on that) of Dr. Tiller? Come on. I get feeling unimaginably passionate about a cause - like the 2000 Backstreet Boys "Millennium" Tour. I went to 10 different cities for the show! You know what? Worth it. I believed in what the Backsteet Boys stood for. But would I have died for them? Not of my own volition. Or taken the life of another? No way, even though I did bite a girl in front of me in the autograph line.

To be honest, I'm politically neutral. As long as I can control my ovaries; and "abstinence-only" sex ed stays out of school, I'm jazzed.

I tried to think of some crazy American leftists. I've got 2 examples of very-liberals going wild, literally. At first, I recalled a story about an informant that joined a militant animal rights organization planning to decimate an animal testing factory. As I reviewed the story, I wondered why the hell Christopher Meloni and Ice-T kept showing up. Then it came to me! That was an episode of Law & Order! The only other example that comes to mind is when Daryl Hannah mounted some ancient tree to save it from being hacked. Now that is silly. Daryl Hannah was in the Little Rascals for God's sake! How the mighty have fallen! There's got to be more stories about the "radical left" losing their damn minds. However, finding none, I'm starting to think those instances occur only in the swaying branches of a "Giving Tree." I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Let me say that I do not hate the Grand Old Party. In fact, I used to be an enthusiastic supporter! Jenna Bush and I have similar interests and had countless run-ins on Sixth Street, each more delightful than the last. I'm not even hopping on the "Republicans are out of touch with reality" bandwagon (side note: any word on if John McCain is using e-mail yet?). All I'm saying is there's a whole lot of hatin' recently amongst some conservatives. Limbaugh wants our Prez to fail . . . wait, what? That brings to mind a younger me. It was 3rd grade and I wanted so badly to be "Special Child" before the year ended. I wished repeatedly for Wendy Thomas to become super ill so I could take her place. What's worse - Wendy was my third grade BFF! I'm surprised at Rush. That guy loves America! By "America," I mean Oxycontin. I know - so 2006! But, when he puts down his haterade; everyone else will, too.

To continue, Ed Gillespie, former chairman of the Republican Party, said last week that "[the GOP] cannot be a party of balding white guys" in response to a Gallup poll which found that Americans can't identify a Republican leader. The poll, in USA Today, also said that if someone had to be chosen - it'd be Cheney, Limbaugh or Gingrich. Yikes! My "right to choose" is shaking in its metaphorical boots!

The "take-away" of this? Moderation. By tempering our views we can all enjoy tea and strumpets together by dusk! Trust, if anyone knows about excess, its me. Whether it was (countless) shots of Jager or drunk texts, there was a time that I could out-do anyone. Those days have passed, thankfully. Ah, adulthood.

Anyway, someone should correct Ed. The Republican Party is way more diverse. He left out that stuttering Indian dude from Louisiana, not to mention Geography whiz Sarah Palin. And yes, I agree, Pelosi can be such an uber-bitch, and we don't even have to broach Kennedy's past (not-so-past?) problems with alcohol. Either way, from now on, when Ed Gillespie laments, he should make sure he includes everyone (wasn't that a conservative slogan in '08?). The GOP isn't just a bunch of balding white guys! Its (becoming?) a bunch of balding white guys who are killing fathers in church and work and increasingly dissipate negativity at alarming levels. I know, I know, not all of them - just some, right?

Okay, enough! All this nonsense is making me ill(matic) . . . and not like Nas' album.

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