June 9, 2009

Civil Rights < Pop Music

Well, well, well. I hope this post finds you naturally having a leisurely Tuesday afternoon. Normally around this time I'd be enjoying my sugar-free Jell-O pudding cup whilst thinking about Bill Cosby's perfect enunciation of all sounds English - but today has been absolutely out of control. I have work piling up on my desk - and not even figuratively. Yikes. Either way, homegirl needs a break. I can only summarize cases and brief shit for so long until I start to make mistakes. I'm only human. So, I just spent some time relaxing with Michael Jackson - namely, the video for his song in Free Willy . . . glorious! I hate to say I had forgotten how emotional that shit makes me - especially his words at the end. If you aren't familiar, yes, you may borrow my cassette single. You're welcome.

Anyway, I was expecting today to full of spectacular and extraordinary headlines. IDK that Tuesday was opposite day but I feel like a jackass for getting my hopes up! I was imagining the crazy antics that SamRo and Lohan might have gotten into last night - or who John Gosselin accidentally fell into bed with during the long wait for CNN to boot up. And then, disappointment.

Let's see - oh, right Adam Slam-bert is gay. Big surprise. I don't even watch American Idle - I saw one shot of his wanna-be Lohands on "Entertainment Tonight" and had him pegged (not literally, obvi) from square one. Although Dr. MLK, JR. and I are a little disappointed that he told "Rolling Stone" he didn't want to be some civil rights person but just wanted to sing. IDK - call me crazy, but gauging his talent strictly from the number of times I had to ignore a Facebook group invitation demanding a finale recount - I feel like he was the missing piece to the civil rights puzzle. And now, the world will never know.

Fucking Paula Abdul.

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