June 9, 2009

"No, you're bats, Screech! The Attic is an 18 & Up club; Zack's only 16."

This is one of like 5 things that leaves me speechless and wide-eyed in amazement. One time, I met Mr. Belding - he came for a presentation at UT - and let me tell you - amazing. Out of everyone I saw at Texas, Rich Haskins (fine, Richard, but it just sounds so impersonal) was by far number one - Bill Clinton was a close second - but we will save that for later.

I give this shit 2 thumbs up - I'm so not an obsessed fan but y'all remember that episode where Zach takes that paralyzed girl to the dance? Right - that totally came out when I was stuck in a wheelchair - talk about inspiration (to get the fuck up and walk when I realized there was no one at my middle school with a heart of pure gold - just like Zack Morris.)

I'm just thankful that I can let my breath out - I know you've all been holding it as you wait for Mark-Paul's confirmation of a "SBTB: The Middle Aged Years" kind of show. The suspense was killing me! I mean, besides that show he has on TNT (you remember - where he had long, weird, James Van der Beek hair and a molester's gaze? No? Weird.) and the 1998 classic "Dead Man on Campus" - where in god's name has he been? Obvi planning a reunion and working on his vocals. Anyway, fuck yes.

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